A screening of Found In The Forest is a great way to raise awareness, encourage discussion, and generate action around education. 

To purchase a screening license, please fill out our Screening Request Form and we’ll be in touch.

Screening FAQ

How much does a screening license cost?
The standard fee for a one-time public screening is $350 but the fee varies depending on audience size, whether you are charging admission, and other factors. We will also offer reduced rates for multiple screenings. Fill out our screening request form and we will be in touch about price.

How can I recoup the costs or use the screening as a fundraiser?
Many screenings charge admission and find sponsorship to cover the venue and licensing costs. Fundraising options are approved on a case by case basis.

I own a copy of the DVD. Can I use this for a screening?
Unfortunately, no. You can use your DVD for private use, such as watching the film with a group of friends in your living room. But to show the film in a theatre or for a community event requires a public screening license.

What’s involved in hosting a screening?
Hosting a screening involves all aspects of organizing your event: finding and renting a venue, paying the screening license fee, and promoting it. We can offer support by helping to promote your event on our website, and through our Facebook and Twitter channels. 

What formats are available?

Currently the film is available on Blu-ray which is the best option for screenings since it is the highest visual quality possible and stands up well to being projected on a big screen. The film can also be screened on DVD if an HD projector is unavailable.

Where does the money from the screening license go?
Found In The Forest was an expensive, mostly self-funded project, so the majority of the funds from screenings go to help cover the production costs with some proceeds being donated to the Environmental School.

Is the creator of the film (Craig Cerhit) available to talk at the screening?

Short answer, "yes", but it will depend on Craig's schedule. Travel expenses are to be paid by the event organizer and there will be a nominal appearance fee. Craig can discuss his experiences of following the students of the Environmental School for three years, and as a father of a student in the school, give his observations on the impact that the school has had on his own son. 

If you have more questions, please contact us